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Eh, Canada !

Canada will be turning a young 150 years !


 Canada eh,  I was born and raised in this beautiful country I call my home.  It is the 2nd largest country of the world with vast landscapes, an abundance of parks across the country and the diversity of people whose roots originate from France, Britain , Ireland and probably every nation of the world. A true melting pot.

In this travel journey , I plan to visit different provinces across Canada . It is as exciting for me to discover this great big country as it is to someone new to Canada.

Niagara Falls, Canada
Niagara Falls, Ontario

 There is a lot  to discover  here . From the National Park of beautiful Banff to the picturesque Jelly Bean Row in Newfoundland which blends  glaciers from Greenland or the hustle and bustle of big cities like Toronto or my home , Montreal. 

Downtown Toronto
Thousand Island, Ontario
Thousand Islands Ontario


Canada is also known for the wildlife. We are home to black bears, grizzly bears, polar bears , seals in St Lawrence River and our National Symbol , the moose.

I encourage everyone to visit “the big white north”  , remember it is not always cold. Our summers may be short but when it comes to having fun , we do it well in all 4 seasons. This is how we Canadians, eh do it !


Beaver Lake , Montreal
Skating at Old Port , Montreal




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