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Favourite Things in Croatia.


My Travel Guide to Croatia .


Croatia, a country that boasts having  the most surrounding islands.The Croats are proud to have 1000 islands encircling their country. 

France has the glamorous French Riviera , Italy has the picturesque Amalfi Coast and Croatia luckily joined in with their elegant coastline known as the East European Riviera.

For a long time, this country was under the travel radar. Recently only the curious travellers flocked to this mysterious country nestled in the Adriatic coast.

I announced my new adventure to friends and family . You are going where? Why? Faces of disapproval with a lifted eyebrow flashed in my face.

Well, here is why.

Cable Car to View Dubrovnik



Dubrovnik, the walled city in the southern part known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” has one of the most famous and preserved  Old Town part of UNESCO heritage site.Red and orange roof tops tiles paints the beauty of the Old Town. Dubrovnik is a town that is walled in and the best way to see a beautiful panorama of the city is through a cable car. You will see breathtaking views surrounded by turquoise Adriatic sea.


Orange Tiled Rooftop Homes in Dubrovnik

Zagreb, a city full of culture , arts , architecture or gastronomy for the foodies. It has the largest museums in all of Europe . My favourite one I visited is The Museum of Broken Relationship

It is a travelling exhibition that showcases items people have left behind after a broken heart.It is so well done that you will feel sad or angry with their  stories. 

Opatija is the coastal beach  town a  little after the Italian border. You can have a long romantic walk on the lungomare, or promenade. Learn the story behind the statue overlooking the Adriatic Sea, The Maiden and the Seagull.

 Take a break from the beach ; Opatija is a charming town with a rich history to discover. 

Maiden With the Seagull
Maiden With the Seagull -Opatija

Snej, off the beaten path fish port with these lovely white covered mountains encircling this Croatian town.

Snej, Croatia
Snej, Croatia


Don’t let their past history stop you from going to this beautiful country. 

Word of advice? Don’t talk about it, don’t share an opinion. Just respect it.


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