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Charming Portugal

Arriving in Lisbon 


Stepping down in charming  Portugal , my first glimpse of Lisbon being driven to my hotel felt like walking in an artist’s studio. When one thinks of Portugal , undoubtedly we think Porto Wines, Douro Valley  or the delightful Pasteis de Belem. I can see you smirk,  because we agree.

Like an artist  using  brush  strokes and choice of hues to create and to leave nothing white on the canvas,  so are Portugal’s streets. Countless tiles, Azulejos in Portuguese, appear in every corner of this dreamy city. They have decorated homes, restaurants, subway stations or sidewalks. Beautiful .

It paints the country, but it also conveys a strong historical background and they are proud to tell their stories.

Floral motifs, geometric shapes, abstract animals, or funny caricatures displaying their sense of humour to the tourists, quite charming but especially how enticing they are  to see yourself being  intrigued by this culture and history, and you never perceived yourself to be a history buff!

For  more intricate details of this art of tiles, Lisbon has its own tile museum,The National  Azulejos Museum.


However, as for Portugal’s natural beauty I will let my pictures speak for themselves! I strongly suggest to take tours to see this majestic city.







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  1. Now I am really looking forward to going – 3 more days – loved this article and wow great pictures !

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