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Charivari- Favourite Hair Salon

Montreal Tourism –


Montreal is a top travel destination within North America & around the world.  Tourists flocking around the city only to over hear ” what a cool city is Montreal”.

 We want the tourist experience to always be exciting  &  not leave out some other “cool” parts of Montreal that no one ever mentioned, not even the guide books!

Nestled close to St. Lambert’s commercial hub, ‘the village” my favourite hair salon is Charivari. St. Lambert is a suburb of Montreal easily accessible by bus and metro.  St. Lambert is a fully bilingual suburb in Montreal.


Best Hair Salon in St Lambert Quebec
Hair Salon Charivari
Best Hair Salon in Montreal
Hair Salon Charivari


Charivari decor at the salon , is inspired by Scandinavian design, it is chic, minimalistic with clean lines. The atmosphere is welcoming and you only  feel  zen in the air, my type of salon ! 

Best Hair Salon in Montreal
Hair Salon Charivari

 The meaning of charivari, means a loud procession followed by a headache . this hair salon is the far most zen atmosphere I have been to.

It is a play on words and emotions enough to scratch your head leaving the salon.  How brilliant ! 

Hair Colouring  Space

The most interesting part of Charivari is the hair colouring space they created . 

We get seated at a long , modern wood,  rustic table amidst other clients where interesting stories , secrets or debates are shared.  Friendships are formed among the people.  The old concept of staring at a mirror for 30 minutes is not the concept behind Charivari .

Come discover this hair salon and meet all the hair stylists and colourists.


Best Hair Salon in Montreal
Hair Salon Charivari
Best Hair Salon in Montreal
Bathroom at Charivari
Montreal Best Hair salon
Zen Decor & Feeling at Charivari

Bravo to Charivari for making us feel valuable and  beautiful with our hair.

Here is the link and information you need to get in touch with them. Feel free to contact me for any questions.




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