Italian Cocktail

Let’s Talk Cocktails , Italian Cocktails

To be honest, I would love to write about best destinations to travel to or leading hotels of the world, but let’s face it, I can’t. I don’t know what is open for travel , what is what anymore ever since this nightmarish situation all hit us in the face. But please hand me a […]

B Brave

Happy New Year Friends ! Not sure about you, but I am so happy 2021 is over , let us hope 2022 is the start of what we use to have and this insanity is over. Nothing makes sense and seems like no one even knows what reality is anymore. I am not here to […]

Mont Tremblant ZipLining

Epic Adventure to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone What is your comfort zone ? Why do we build this comfort zone? Basically , it is a psychological , emotional or social structure we build to feel safe. This false sense of certainty becomes familiar to us & causes less stress or anxiety. This is why many never leave this comfort zone […]

What are Montreal Winters Like ?

Hello Everyone Before I discuss how we enjoy winter in Montreal , let me tell you the following.  I imagine everyone has been hearing  the sound of crickets due to my MIA, yes missing in action; but I am still here. As everyone has a different story to tell , it is all about how […]

How to Cure Wanderlust Fever During Covid-19?

Wanderlust Fever Confining to our homes, doesn’t mean you should not feel inspired or look forward to travelling again. Let’s all shout F*** Covid-19 for ruining everything for us wanderlust , not only for travellers , personal goals or everyone’s state of mind. Unfortunately Covid-19 is here to stay and we all must know how […]

Travel After the Covid19

March 2020 our lives during the pandemic, slowed down ; the most precious thing of our fundamental existence, freedom was put on hold. The freedom to freely live as we want & please. For travellers like me , we sadly realized during this pandemic, travel has changed. This is not music for anyone because this […]