My Stay at Soho Hotel in Toronto

Indulge in Luxury at Soho Hotel Toronto

Visiting Soho Hotel in Toronto was one of those unbelievable moment of joy and exciting admiration . You can call it a hotel or a residence but to me it was one of those unique moment of magical experience. They say one never forgets how people make you feel & this truth is my definition […]

Village Kiramachi Ryokan

Ryokan-Authentic Japanese Experience

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links which I make a small commission from when readers purchase from the link, there is no charge on you. Village Kiramachi When travelling to Japan, I knew I wanted to be part of an authentic experience by staying in a Ryokan. Now, it wasn’t just any Ryokan, I was […]

Reason to Visit Mount Koyasan, Japan

Travel is therapy to my soul; travelling to Japan, specifically Mt Koyasan has been a one of a kind lifetime experience; a spiritual connection. I decided to visit Mt Koyasan because I wanted to see, feel and understand the spiritual side to Japan. I was curious to learn about their spirituality and beliefs. Mount Koyasan […]

Granbell Hotel Kyoto

Granbell Hotel in Gion

This post contains some affiliate links which I may get a small commission if you click on it but there is no charge for you. Granbell Hotel is in the hub of the Gion district , so not only will you get nightlife but the Japanese feel to their culture . Took the traditional & […]

The Gate Hotel Ginza Tokyo

The Gate Hotel Tokyo

My Stay at The Gate Hotel Tokyo This post contains some affiliate links which I may get a small commission if you click on it but there is no charge for you. The clearest sign how well The Gate Hotel Tokyo understands what the discern traveller wants, is their hotel location with comfortable , clean […]

Hotel View -Cairns Post Office

Abbott Hotel Cairns

Cairns ,Queensland Cairns  Australia is not only the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef or Daintree Rainforest  but it is the Tropical of Queenland’s North. It is a warmer tropical  climate with lots of  beautiful beaches, restaurants  and accommodation to choose from. As  with any city I always visit, location is very important to me […]

Ovolo Inchcolm Brisbane Australia

My Stay at Ovolo Inchcolm

Details  Details Details The difference between something good to something great are the fine details included in any service. At Ovolo Inchcolm in Brisbane  Australia  it was uniquely   demonstrated,  to make my stay so effortlessly easy. You see,  as a solo jet setter venturing out in the world, my main focus is taking care of […]

Entrance at Tank Stream Hotel

The Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney Australia

Be Central , Be Sydney- Tank Stream Hotel As a solo traveller, there are certain things that matter to me when it comes to accommodation. The location is one of my main motive choosing a hotel . I like to be centrally located with lots of shops , restaurants, attractions ,a vibrant scene  with interesting […]

Ice Bar Stockholm by Ice Hotel

A Canadian at an Ice Hotel  Why in the world would a Canadian , coming from a cold country possibly find pleasure going to Stockholm’s Ice Bar?  Is it  my  curiosity seeking the unknown?  Is  it that daring adventurous  element I have ?  Not a dare ,but it’s the unique experience. When you are in […]

At Six Hotel Stockholm

Style Chic style & minimalistic elegance reigns over Hotel At Six in Stockholm.  The main lobby is decorated in an opulent yet simplistic  style , emulating  Scandinavian design. The hotel recently opened in March 2017 taking over an historical part of Stockholm’s heart. A giant white head sculpture greets guests as we enter the hotel. […]