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Best Travel Blogs

Best travel blogs are a gem; especially when you are amidst 505 million blogs in blogosphere!!! Holy Guacamole , that is a lot! This is a main reason why people quit, they see it as a competitive race instead of a platform to share your unique voice .

Why I Started to Blog ?

I started to blog about travel not only to share what I see in the world but to voice my thoughts, to share what I feel and see in the world through the eyes of my camera. Through this, I wish to bring awareness that we are all the same ,looking for the same fundamental things in life , happiness , the desire & right to have a peaceful and safe life.

To me travel was always about learning and respecting cultures and to understand the world we live in. Unfortunately I don’t always have the possibility to travel but on my free time I am either reading about world travel or watching some documentary on it. Yes, that is right!

Jet Setter's Suitcase Blog
Jet Setter’s Suitcase Blog

My Travel Obsession

I have travel books, travel magazines , travel photos in my home and read and bookmark my favourite travel blogs or online magazines. Yup an obsession !

I can honestly admit, in a shy way, I live and breath travel.

Travel magazines, travel books I love to read.
Travel magazines, travel books I love to read.

To continue my journey , I have decided to write about best travel blogs and travel photographers that I love , follow and inspire me to continue what I do. I will update this post every time I want to mention a new blogger or photographer.

Although blogging is about your own unique voice, this will be the main reason to why I choose them. Their voice, what they want to bring to the world and how they express it.

Best Travel Blogs

So here are my choices. I will have to break them in categories because I have many , and I mean many.

My first category are solo travellers like myself that have shown me the courage to go travel deeper and further with a fearless heart.

Solo Female Travel Blogs

Young Adventuress Here is a blogger named Liz that got the travel bug at 16 years old and 12 years later has travelled over 50 countries. and more . She lives in New Zealand and is now a professional blogger. She is young, fearless and has a love of the world.

Be My Travel Muse Solo traveller that understands the benefits and joys of it. She helps and inspire others to start their journey with lots of tips and advice even travelling off the beaten path.

Pommie’s Travels A British girl travelling the world solo with a kick ass travel blog. Pommie means a British person. Her blog is about travel destinations, advice from finding cheap flights to travelling solo.

Adventurous Kate She quit her job to travel the world. This New Yorker travelled to 77 Countries & all 7 continents !

The Blond Abroad A Californian who left her corporate job to travel solo for the purpose of soul searching. Love her creative blog design.

Oneika the Traveller Oh I love Oneika, she is originally from Toronto but resides in NYC has been to 100 countries, 6 continents . During her blogging she was given the opportunity to host the Travel Channel and many more. Just check all her achievements.

Wild About Travel A solo traveler for over 20 years ! Wow! Another story on working in the corporate work only to leave it all behind to follow her heart.

There you go this is my first list of best travel blogs, specifically solo female travellers. I will update this post with more.

This is my 1st part . I will update part 2 .

So tell me, do you read travel blogs? Where do you get travel information or inspiration?

Featured photo credit : Nicole-Honeywill-1285875-unsplash

National Geographic magazines photos credit haut-risque-1494197-unsplash

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