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Columbia Icefields

The Mind Blowing Columbia Icefields

Columbia Icefields 

Do you love adventure & something so powerful it feels like you landed on a different planet ? 

As I was arriving in Banff by shuttle bus, Banff was slowly exposing her beauty of the Canadian Rockies. I heard myself repeating ” wow ” several times.  Talking to yourself seems to be pretty  normal in front of these majestic mountains. The Canadian Rockies are indeed a powerful source of nature that I felt throughout my whole stay in Banff.

My last tour was at the Columbia Icefields, nothing prepared  me for this. Pictures do no justice & I could not find a single word to describe this phenomena of nature. I was just in admiration & awe.

Athabasca Glacier

Scenic Drive

The adventure begins from Lake Louise to the Columbia Icefields, the route is stunning and surreal. Although Lake Louise was  still covered in ice , she did a wonderful job showing her raw beauty ;  I will write about Lake Louise on another post.

The tour is a full day tour I took with Glacier Adventure  & it was well worth it.

The Columbia Icefields is  considered to be the largest icefields within the Canadian Rockies. It was formed during the Galciation period, 240,000 years ago. It was only discovered in 1898 by British explorer, J. Norman Collie. On the morning of August 18 , Mr Collie and friend Herman Wooley set off their way to the summit of Mount Athabasca, only to discover the Icefields. Can you imagine discovering such a marvel ? 

The Vast Icefields

Athabasca Glacier 

In order to get to the Athabasca Glacier, you have to ride the Ice Explorer. These massive vehicles are designed to drive over the rough terrain of the Icefields & glaciers. There are 22 of these massive vehicles in the world & Banff carries 14 of them. They are worth 1 million dollars. Check the size of the wheels !!

Me next to the Ice Explorer
The Monster Ice Explorer

When you arrive and get in front of the Icefields, you are completely taken in reverance. Again, no words exists to describe this icefield full of raw beauty & fascination  . The sad part is that they are  slowly melting away and in 100 years they will no longer exist. Very sad what we are doing to the planet.

So if you want to see these beauties, now it is the time to see them. Let’s just hope it will not turn out to be mass tourism and destroying them will be quicker than 100 years.

Athabasca Glacier

Travel Tips for the Icefields 

  1. Dress warmly, it is recommended to bring your hat, gloves and a warm coat. You are afterall in the middle of an icefield. During the summer, please do not wear your flip flops, really not recommended.
  2. Bring your sunglasses. The sun glares on the snow and you will need them.
  3.  Make sure you have your camera or phone because you will take lots of pictures of the Athabasca Glacier
  4. Take your time & marvel at their beauty
  5. Respect the environment 


 When traveling to the Canadian Rockies do not overlook adding this tour to your itinerary, you will not regret it. It will be a lifelong  travel memory that is an  unforgettable experience. You will be reminded  what a beautiful world we live in .


Canadian Rockies


Canadian Rockies , Banff


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