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B Brave

Happy New Year Friends !

Not sure about you, but I am so happy 2021 is over , let us hope 2022 is the start of what we use to have and this insanity is over. Nothing makes sense and seems like no one even knows what reality is anymore.

I am not here to be political just hoping all of you are keeping safe and are well.

It has been a year of different challenges and struggles; to constantly remind myself to stay focused, strong and especially to be brave.

Indeed to sum up 2021 it was a year to always be brave . Inspired not only through my “once upon a time ” I used to travel, but how just the simple act of getting up in the morning and facing a new day is in itself an act of courage.

Introducing my logo on what I stand for & how I have all these years tried to inspire everyone to always be brave, through solo travelling or everyday life.

Unfortunately I have not been travelling but I am not sorry, only grateful of all my travels I have had . Here in Canada there are unjustifiable restrictions so who knows when I will actually travel overseas. Besides not sure about you but I don’t feel it is the same anymore.

This being said, not sure what the future of my blog will be , will or can I continue ? I am more active on my Instagram so if you want any updates that is a better platform. You can follow me just find me as soniamilano_

Sorry for my missing in action but this was a platform of my travels through my voice and vision. I will see how things unfold to decide to continue or not.

For the moment ,be safe , be well & thank you for your readership.

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