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Australian Outbacks

Australian Outback

Australian Outback


I have a confession to make. I first wanted to visit the free spirited , artistic soul of  the city of Melbourne but then I declined ! A city is city, but the Outback is nowhere to beat that!

From as far as I can remember, I had heard about  the Australian Outbacks. I kept it on hold like money on a rainy day. That day was here and in the back of my mind, I was still in awe with this unknown  Australian Outback! What was it exactly ? Really? Why was I so curious to know about this remote area?  Flying from the aqua , turquoise waters of Adelaide  you start to see  red, warm sandy dunes of the Outbacks! How is this even possible?

Australian Outbacks
Australian Outbacks


Northern Territory Australia
Northern Territory Australia



Adventure! Remote area, off the beaten pack , something so foreign to my life I had to explore.

The Northern Territories offers this red dry part of Australia, so foreign & raw it felt I landed on  planet Mars.

Alice Springs

Let’s just say Alice Springs is not the prettiest to win a competition but it sure is the gateway to the outbacks. I was not sure what to expect in Alice Springs but after a couple of hours , in a “motel” style accommodation with an awful smell, I wanted to flee.

I gave Alice Springs a chance, after all is this not travelling all  about ? To be open minded to differences and diversity of people?


Things You Need to Know About Alice Springs

You are in the Outbacks be prepared for the following :

  1. Dress very comfortable & casual, you will come back with reddish sandy clothes. You will get dirty.
  2.  Sunscreen please! Yes Sunscreen is very important in Australia , you are at the point of the highest damage in global warming ! So add cream when outside especially in the Outbacks, in the North everything is warmer.
  3. Bug Spray – they sure are annoying but not deadly or virus infected.Buy some bug spray to avoid nuisances from them.
  4. Bring your  hat ! The sun is hot and during these tours you walk a lot so please, please , please, bring your hat.
  5. Alice Springs is home to the Aboriginals so show respect and be open to them. Politely ask if you can take a picture.


Top Experiences in the Outback

  1. Uluru & Kata Tjuta – You cannot even imagine what you will see when you see Uluru. Even from a distance Uluru is impressive. Large , powerful she stands her ground. Uluru is a monolithic rock that is very sacred to the aboriginals. Every year there have been climbers but now they are closing this activity because of death that occurs.


The aboriginals feel so bad and hurt on someone’s death , they demanded to stop any climbing. In June 2019 it will be completely closed.

2. Sunset and dinner in front of Uluru- witnessing a sunset in front of Uluru is an an inspiring experience.With a guided tour, they will bring you to the focal point. Watch how Uluru will change colour. This phenomenon is the effect of the world’s atmosphere against the sun’s rays.

3. Walking in the Sand Dunes – just marvel at the beauty in the dessert, it is a photographer’s dream to capture stunning beauty here, unfortunately we didn’t spend much time. I did manage to capture some.


4. Camel Riding – if your tour permits it, why not try it. I was quite surprised to know Australia has over 750,000 camels in the Outbacks. They are not  a native of Australia , they were actually imported in the 19th century front the Middle East for trade purposes.

5 . Aboriginals and their Art. There is over 100000  rock wall art across Australia  from the Aboriginals. Their art is rich & colourful each with a specific meaning. Be sure to visit s museum to learn about their culture, way of life and art.


The Australian Outback is a unique part to be discovered, It is a remote, arid place rich in red dunes  landscape and history. I would definitely add this one on your visit to Australia.



Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta




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