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Top 5 Things to do in Aristocratic Vienna

Top 5 Things to Do in Vienna

Oh Vienna, how obvious you  display  , with  excessive pride ,  the  nobleness  that once  occurred in this imperial city . Aristocratic privilege sets the stage  all around Vienna.  It was however shaped by locals as Beethoven, Mozart, Sigmund Freud  or Gustav Klimt.

Need I say more?

A city  walk around the famous MichaelerPlatz or Saint Michael Square  , with  the music of Mozart or Beethoven resonating in the air.  Visiting  the Belvedere Museum , home to the greatest Austrian art like Gustav Klimt, only to feel  an abundance of inspiration filling your soul.

Here are Top 5 Things to Do in Vienna

Top 5 Things to Do in Vienna

  1. Coffee and dessert stop is a  guaranteed  decadent anywhere  but the best pastry shop is Demel established in 1786.

    Cafe in Vienna
    Cafe in Vienna
  2. Opera , Ballet or Classical Music at the Vienna State Opera
  3. Walking tour on Vienna’s  Architecture and Sculptures  – home to  classical Baroque style to Art  Nouveau to the strange Hundertwasserhaus, a true melting pot of architecture.4. Try Austria  famous  apple strudel apfelstrudel in german 
  4. Practice your photography skill to capture the essence of past or present Vienna life 

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