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Are you a Traveller or a Tourist?


In this world of tourism ,there are  2 category.  A tourist or a traveler . The conformist and non-conformist . Is there a difference and does anyone really care?



Seaside in Opatiya Croatia
Seaside in Opatiya Croatia



Let’s face it travellers  , there is a huge marketing influence in the way we travel and where we travel to. Consumers, whether as a traveler or a tourist  have many choices and  marketers play a big role influencing people  where to travel to.  Marketers are convincing enough to have any country have the tourist visit. This is the way tourism works, this is the way tourists travel. There is nothing wrong with this, it is the way it is and tourists know this.


Well, what about the traveler? Is there a difference or are we all travellers? I say yes, there is a difference.

A traveler goes and dreams of exploring places most people would not think of going. Travellers adapt to the environment of their destination. It is ok if the country is cold or the ground we walk on is rough, or hard , it’s about how we interact and blend in their culture. The rich  experience of travel & the traces we leave behind are held dear in our hearts .We create  stories to tell. It’s about the people we meet along the way and how their story have touched us deeply within our soul.

To a traveler we seek the truth in the world. Exploring the gorillas in Uganda or the raw nature of Antarctica, we get  intrigued.  We want to tell our story to the world to make a difference.We have an innate  drive to explore the parts of the world that is hidden from marketing influences. 

Travelers are fearless with their quest of the unknown, everything is a leap of faith. Their curious soul surpasses any fear. Their drive is only  to  start the journey and leave a footprint behind.

Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith

Do you think you are a traveler or a tourist? 

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