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Why Do We Travel ?

We travel to learn.  We learn a new culture, a foreign language, cuisine or see a different way of life. Sometimes  we take voyages around the globe only to discover the beauty of this world,  something overlooked in this day and age.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Travel has the power to escape our lives and face the unknown as if this unfamiliarity challenges us and empowers us. Travelling is a good remedy for your soul. Strength, courage and a sense of pride.

I created Jet Setter’s Suitcase to share what I learn, to show what I see and create what I feel. Through the lens of my photography and the inspiration I feel in  my art, I want to inspire and encourage every one to travel more with a fearless heart.

Travel Photographer
Shooting in the Streets

My mission is to travel  to as many  different countries possible ,with an open heart, show  respect  to the cultures I encounter, accept diversity of people . 

Join me in this community where we can all share our experiences. It will also be fun and informative. I will also give you my suggestions, reviews or recommendations. I will also bring awareness on global. issues so we can all make this world a better place, not change it ,just better.

So go out there and travel, after all we are all jet setters with your own suitcase.


Sonia Milano

founder & photographer

Jet Setter’s Suitcase