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Abe & Mary’s in Montreal

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There is one thing as people watching but there is another thing when people watching in a trendsetting Montreal coffee shop, Abe & Mary’s.

If you know me well, I like scouting the streets of Montreal and look for the most unique theme-styled coffee shops. It might be a little pricier sometimes but it’s the overall experience and they know this.

Abe & Mary's
Trendy Cafe in Golden Square Mile Montreal

People love theme styles anything now a days. From boutique hotel to trendy coffee shops located in a bank , it works !

Abe & Mary

This trendy cafe is situated is located on Golden Square Mile in downtown Montreal. They call it a celebrity cafe because upon entering, you see pictures of celebrities who have come here.

Abe & Mary's Interior Decor
Abe & Mary’s Downtown Montreal

To me I was not so much in awe with the celebrity wall but the art and healthy food served at this coffee shop. The interior is artistically decorated adding fun &zany Nic Nacs to add conversation with the experience.

To Whatever You Do Not Believe in
To Whatever You Do Not Believe in
Abe & Mary's
Abe & Mary’s Downtown Montreal

When in the downtown area, this is a place to visit. It is like walking in a museum in a far away galaxy, nothing compares to it.

If you are visiting our lovely Montreal City , I encourage you to check out this place.

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