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Nyhavn Copenhagen
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72 Hours Copenhagen Travel Guide

What to do in Copenhagen

When it comes to travel, one must be very open and adaptable. I did not have my intentions to travel to Copenhagen yet . It is not because I had no interest , it was not for my January itinerary. I spent 72 hours in Copenhagen without a travel plan yet I found things to do and see for free.

It was during Copenhagen Fashion week yet I understand it may not be your idea going to Copenhagen. So what do you do in Copenhagen? Why travel to Copenhagen you ask?

Exploring Copenhagen

Ok let’s face it, all the Scandinavian countries are expensive and Denmark is one of them. Visiting a city like Copenhagen that attracts mostly the young on a budget ,can be challenging but it is possible . The best way to do it is by walking to different close by neighbourhoods, because understanding a culture is best to see it in the streets. Here are the main attractions when visiting Copenhagen for the 1st time.

Tivoli Gardens

Going to the Tivoli Gardens in January can be a magical fairy tale but to be honest I skipped it. The Tivoli Garden is an amusement park with well over 25 rides . Children writer Hans Christian Andersen visited it often as well as Walt Disney for inspiration.

It may be a little for everyone to enjoy in every season like spring , summer or even winter as each season is a different theme. Entrance fee can be expensive but even more if you do individual rides. If you get a Copenhagen Card you can enter it for free. If you can do without the rides and your time is limited, I suggest you skip it as you can probably spend a lot of time there.


Hans Christian Andersen used to live in Nyhavn ; a commercial port filled with restaurants, bars and cafes surrounded by colourful townhouses. It is the main tourist attraction in Copenhagen, attracting millions specifically during summer time as you can enjoy outside cafes.

Nyhavn Copenhagen
Nyhavn Copenhagen

The advantage visiting in January , is that there are less crowds, it is less expensive and you really see how the locals live as opposed to a tourist filled port.

Nyhavn, meaning the “New Harbour is very picturesque and most loved by photographers for the old charming homes, colours and reflections over the water. Take advantage of street photography because Copenhagen is a bike city that comes in all styles, shapes and colours. Only the Danes ride a bike in style that makes one feel envious.

Danes on a Bike
Danes on a Bike

Copenhagen’s Coolest Neighbourhoods

Vesterbro , is considered the Red Light district but it is far from any red light I have seen or even try to visit . It is a very safe area and nothing like red light like Berlin, Amsterdam or Montreal.

It is know for summer street markets although in January I didn’t see them. You know me, I think local markets are a great way to see and understand everyday life. As I mention Copenhagen was so impromptu, I hardly planned it.

So if you hear about the Red Light district in Copenhagen don’t turn your shoulder, it is not as shady as most. Just walking distance you are close to the Meat Market district full of restaurants and cafes.

You do see some cheesy sex shop amidst the cutest cafes ; again don’t let that scare you, Copenhagen is a very safe city and can recommend it for solo travellers.

Nørrebro was the 2nd neighbourhood I visited and I can safely call it the melting pot of Copenhagen. It had a bohemian ethnic feel to it . The further I went in, the more I saw how international it was. Nørrebro is a multicultural hub of the city with an exotic gastronomic scene. You will find cuisines from different parts of the world from Thai to Ethiopian.


Jægersborggade street is one of the main streets where you can find some stylish restaurants and Michelin star restaurants.

Nørrebro was a very colourful and animated part of Copenhagen far from the reserved Dane you see cycling in the streets.

Don’t miss the Superkilen Park . It was designed to bring bring together locals and ethnics to promote diversity in a super multicultural hub of Copenhagen.

Superkilen Park in Nörrebro
Superkilen Park in Nörrebro

Other areas to consider are the following neighbourhoods.Frederiksberg ,Freetown Christiania, Østerbro or Nordvest.

As my time was very limited I was not able to visit. I would recommend at least 4 to 5 full nights in Copenhagen to full feel this culture. To get more information please refer to the following Visit Copenhagen.

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