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5 Things to Do in Little Italy , Montreal

Little Italy 


Little Italy is a charming neighborhood of Montreal and happens to be 1 of my favourite area. It has Italian style cafes, Jean Talon Market and some delicious restaurants to try. If you were lucky to be there this past weekend, as an added bonus,  there was the Grand Prix weekend in Little Italy.

Grand Prix weekend in Little Italy Montreal
Grand Prix weekend in Little Italy


Grand Prix weekend in Little Italy Montreal
Grand Prix weekend in Little Italy Montreal



Montreal Grand Prix

 Little Italy was stylishly adorned with bright red Ferrarri, Vespas and the iconic Mini Cooper in an array of colours; very difficult to choose if I had to purchase one. Italians walking aimlessly around the streets ,  displayed an   excessive pride this weekend. Indeed, Italians are proud of their food, espresso, designs and heritage.  However, there  are many reasons why you should come to Little Italy, here are my top 5.

Top 5 Spots 

  1. Jean Talon Market  One of the reasons why I love travelling is tasting food around the world. If anyone knows me well enough, I love food. I love the colours, textures , taste aand all the creative ways to use food. I also enjoy visiting local markets and it goes the same in my own city. Visiting markets is not only to purchase  seasonal fruits and vegetables but it is the whole experience interacting with local farmers and people. It is a must to visit, so much so that Viator offers tours.
  2. Fruiterie Milano  One of my favourite grocery store in Montreal, a little expensive sometimes but all worth  my particular appetite.This grocery store has been around for 64 years and attracts different people across every neighborhood in Montreal. If you really want to get the feel of being in Italy, this is the grocery store to visit. Oh for those who ask, no I do not own Fruiterie Milano 🙂 
  3. Caffè San Simeon You crave an afternoon espresso to keep going ? You like a casual laid back atmosphere where you meet your local Italians?  This is truly a coffee bar where you can feel at home. It is situated on 39 Rue Dante, east on St laurent.
  4. Bottega Pizzeria   You really don’t have to go all the way to Naples Italy to eat the best pizza when you have it right in Little Italy at Bottega Pizzeria. Their Neopolitan pizzas are simply to die for.
  5. Louise Boulangerie   This is the new kid on the block, where you get fresh breads, croissants or sandwiches. The fresh smell lures you into the bakery shop .After a day at the market remember to pick up your baguette or Ciabatta for your dinner delights.
San Simeon Coffee bar in Montreal
San Simeon Coffee bar in Montreal


Feels Like Home 

This is one of my favourite areas because it feels like  a place I can call  my home. Walking around and listening to the different italian dialects makes me remember my childhood. Strolling in the park, observing  the game of botch played by the nonnos in the neighborhood becomes a delight to watch.  Watching the barista prepare my cappucino at an italian bar is an art in itself.

And the italian guys I see are not so bad either 🙂 another great reason to visit Little Italy.

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