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Vibrant City -photo credit Adrian Schwarz from Unsplash

5 Cities I Would Not Go Back!

There are great animated cities with a cultural mix and there are some cities that I have classified as dull , boring or too touristy for my taste.

Although these cities have been on my bucket list, my experiences to these cities left me never wanting to go back. All depending what you look for when visiting a new city , we all have difference views and experiences especially travelling.

It is ok if you will not understand my choices of cities.

  1. Luzerne Switzerland
  2. Barcelona Spain
  3. Venice Italy
  4. Niagara Falls Ontario
  5. Calgary Alberta

Lausanne Switzerland

I have never written any articles on Switzerland because I had gone when I was in my early twenties. There was no social media or blogging to share.( those were good days where socializing was face to face ) .

I hardly have any pictures left but I do remember how stunning it was. I would travel by train back then . I had a Eurail Train book on me at all times to check schedules and stops, and off I would go somewhere around Europe. No internet, no apps, no WiFi, nothing !

I do recall staying in Geneva, a city of clocks and cow culture filling stores with souvenirs and useless Nic Nacs.

As in almost every city I go to, I like to explore a different city , town or village. This time I went to Lausanne. As I always try to keep an open mind, something essential when travelling, the vibe and cultural feel of the city, left me leaving quickly.

I felt this sense of coldness and isolation in the city. People were so reserved & silent that there was no eye to eye contact. Everyone sped to their destination like ants in a production line.

Reserved & silent society of a city
Reserved & silent society of a city Photo Credit Ryoji Iwata from Unsplash

Maybe I didn’t give it a chance but this was enough to turn me back. I hardly stayed 2 hours and left for how much I disliked it.

Barcelona, Spain

Oh I know a lot are scratching your head and wonder why not Barcelona? I had always heard great things about Barcelona and one day I decided to go and see for myself. Now, I am not one to think and do what most people are like, I have my own mind.

Overall , I think Barcelona is overrated. Barcelona is known for their fabled architecture and nightlife on Las Ramblas which was really too touristy for me. One reason I would return is for the Catalan Cuisine.

Fabled Architecture in the city of Barcelona
Fabled Architecture in the city Barcelona – Picture Credit Daniel Corneschi from Unsplash

Venice Italy

I know a lot of you will hate me for choosing Venice, but please let me explain. The first time I went to Venice I loved it. I felt the city’s culture and aristocratic regime making it unique from the rest of Italy. The venetian people have a sense of elegance & sophistication, even if it was walking their dogs or buying fruits at a local market.

Now due to over tourism, Venice unfortunately lost its charm. The 2nd time I had gone, I could not believe how it changed. It is now Americanized unfortunately. Lots of Venetians are leaving because of this.

City of Venice 2014 -my 2nd time in Venice
City of Venice 2014 -my 2nd time in Venice

Can you believe Venice has 30 millions visitors per year? Not only has over tourism affected the charm but cruises, boats and heavy crowds in the city is a main reasons residents are flocking elsewhere.

Black and White Venice 2015
Black and White Venice 2015

Restaurants all have outside menus on Venetian food but all this, are lies to lure you in. There is no authentic Venetian food only a way to trap you in. This is all in the centre of Venice.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls is pretty and that is about all you can see in Niagara Falls, honestly. This is surely something you go once unless you like to visit Casinos. The most challenging part of Niagara Falls is to choose whether you like the Canadian Side or the US side of Niagara Falls.

I liked the Canadian side. Overall the main city feels like you are in a tacky kid’s playground.Nothing interesting for me except there were many restaurants to choose from.

Calgary Alberta

Calgary Alberta is like going on a date with someone you know will never be compatible with but then you discover a side that is so beautiful. Calgary is the part I can never align to but Banff is that beautiful part.

To get to Banff obviously you have to land in Calgary. It was my choice to spend the last day in Calgary. Maybe living in Montreal, no other Canadian city is good enough in comparison to our multicultural & vibrant , European flare Montreal.

Again, I always go with an open mind and understand that they have the Cowboy Culture and saw this in some stores and locals. Whether you approve of the Stampede or not, it is part of Calgary’s culture.

Travelling is about discovering and exploring with an open mind, I have always said this. It doesn’t mean everywhere you choose to go, you will love it. It is ok to form your own opinion. This is how travelling helps you discover who you are as a person.

Always have an open mind when travelling- Photo credit Lucas Wesney from Unsplash
Always have an open mind when travelling- Photo credit Lucas Wesney from Unsplash

Do you follow the crowds or do you turn around and walk your own path? You learn this when travelling.

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